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XACT Robotics™ Ltd. is located in Caesarea, Israel. The company has developed a robotic system for accurate and safe one-shot-to-target needle/tool insertion for percutaneous CT-guided procedures, such as biopsies and ablations.

XACT Robotics™ presents the only system to combine navigation and steering capabilities. Using The XACT Robotics™ software, the user plans a 3D trajectory with a target, entry point, and desired verification points. Once the user approves the trajectory, the patient-mounted XACT Robotics™ robot inserts and steers the needle/tool to the target. Closed-loop control allows the XACT Robotics™ System to make any required ongoing corrections to compensate for deviations from the planned trajectory or target movements. In addition to this, the System is synchronised with the patient’s breathing cycle, ensuring safe and accurate delivery to target without the need for needle re-insertions.

The XACT Robotics™ System is CE Approved and pending FDA approval. The XACT™ System is currenly available to patients in Clinical Centers of Excellence operating in the U.S.A and in Israel.

 Our Mission

To provide every physician with our CAPES promise for each procedure:

  • Consistent
  • Accurate
  • Predictable
  • Efficient
  • Safe
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